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Advanced features of combination of fiberglass and thermosetting resin (Fiber reinforced plastic Composite) under the hands of skillful technical worker and supervision of experienced experts has made a outstanding products which were evaluated and used in many projects with economical benefit. Thus, demand of products made of composite has increased for a lot of applications: Water and wastewater treatment, Chemical industry, Food and Beverage and so on.

Bao Long composite JSC was established with ambition to provide Customer a durable, safe and quality product with competitive  price by advanced technology.

The combination of fiberglass and thermosetting resin make the product have the advanced characteristic as withstanding severe weather and high corrosion condition, durability.

Bao Long Composite  JSC  produces  Composite tanks for water and chemical storage, rector.  The typical of Composite tank are as below:

  • Chemical and water storage tanks : Vertical cylinder tank, Horizontal cylinder tank, Conical tank, Rectangular tank.
  • Composite tank for wastewater treatment systems.
  • Composite tank as customer request.


Composite lining is excellent application of fiber reinforced plastic technology. Bao Long Composite applies various special types of resins to make a diversified characteristic of products. The selected high quality resin can withstand the impact of high temperature and chemical concentration (acid, base). Typical applications of Composite lining as below:

  • Composite lining for concrete surface: Manhole, tank, floor.
  • Composite lining for steel surface : Tank, pipe, platform, Support.

Pultruded products

Our products were used pultrusion technology can be use in either new application or for replacing existing application which is exposed to corrosion environment application can be found in all type of industrial.

We supply for :

  • Power plant
  • Public Facilities
  • Oils & Gas
  • Chemical, Marine
  • Food Industries
  • Recreation
  • Electrical
  • Water treatment
  • Government Properties
  • Distric Cooling System

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